Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Reminder: Smack Dab open mic featuring Huckleberry Lain at Magnet @ Wed Jul 16, 2014 8pm - 9:30pm (Queer Things)

Smack Dab open mic featuring Huckleberry Lain at Magnet

Smack Dab open mic featuring Huckleberry Lain
hosted by Larry-bob Roberts and Dana Hopkins

Wednesday, July 16, 8pm, open mic signup starts at 7:30
At Magnet, your neighborhood queer health center, 4122 18th Street
between Castro and Collingwood in San Francisco.
Accessible Venue.

Our monthly open mic night, Smack Dab, is all ages, all genders, all
the time, and free.

If you'd like to perform at the open mic, please come beginning at
7:30pm and bring five minutes of whatever you want to share.
Musicians: one song. Prose writers: that's about two and a half double
spaced pages of prose. We're the friendliest open mic you'll find but
we pay attention to time.

Our July 16 feature is Huckleberry Lain


Huckleberry is a traveling vagabond of cinema. He began his film
career in New York City making short 8 & 16mm short films before
moving to Los Angeles where he delved into digital cinema and
animation. Currently he lives in Oakland and continues to create
primarily visual music, abstract imagery that evokes similar
adjectives to music such as harmony, rhythm, beat, meter and
repetition. As a protege of Mike Kuchar he creates all of his films
with a do-it-yourself mantra, but is constantly compelled toward
complex production techniques such as visual FX, stereoscopic 3-D
imaging and motion capture technology. He recently had a residency
with the Echo Park Film Center where he created the film "Antiquities
for the Queen of Angels" a tribute to the Los Angeles cinema palaces.
This continued with a companion piece, "In Memoriam to the Cinema
Palace" an article published in OtherZine and a short exercise piece
about the destruction of the Park Theatre in Menlo Park, CA. He also
has a publication coming out in this month's edition of the Brooklyn
Rail on the recent passing of another visual music artist, Robert

Wed Jul 16, 2014 8pm – 9:30pm Pacific Time
Queer Things
Larry-bob Roberts - creator

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