Friday, November 7, 2014

Reminder: 2014 San Francisco Transgender Film Festival @ Fri Nov 7, 2014 8pm - 10pm (Queer Things)

2014 San Francisco Transgender Film Festival

2014 San Francisco Transgender Film Festival
Festival Schedule & Program Information

VENUE: Roxie Theater
(3117 16th Street, San Francisco CA)


Director Cheryl Dunye's BLACK IS BLUE is a powerful look at stealth trans man security guard who is forced to resolve some unanticipated inner conflicts from the past.

For the last 20 years, Phatima Rude has pioneered the performative alternative queer punk drag scene that has now become internationally famous, yet Phatima remains on the fringe of society, living out of a van. This gritty and intimate documentary follows Phatima's struggles and triumphs with illness, poverty, addiction, and gender identity. Directed by Paul King.

From Northern Ireland, Adrianne and Karl, a transgender couple, both diagnosed with Asperger syndrome, confront their own Gender identity and find salvation in each other as their relationship blossoms and changes their lives. People who are different strive for the same things as everyone else. 'Butterfly' is a unique and heartwarming story about the human condition, about acceptance and feeling part of a community. Directed by Stuart McLaughlin.

You're Dead To Me
A grieving Chicana mother confronts an uninvited family member before her Día de los Muertos celebration. By night's end, death offers her a choice that she couldn't make in life. Directed by Wu Tsang.

Occidental Paradise
Exploring "self-reflections" in the empire of information and images, this film presents an unsettling assemblage of cultural texts on Thailand that often pass as common sense. Directed by Bo Luengsuraswat.

Teagan From Australia, A story of transition from male to female, and from despondency to happiness. Using recorded interview material and representative artwork, this short touches on the fear and loneliness of living in the closet, and the joy and confidence that comes with stepping into the light. Directed by Igor Coric & Sheldon Lieberman.

Genderless Jellyfish Shot at the Vancouver Aquarium this film enthusiastically loves on the magical and ancient jellyfish. The film highlights the jellyfish's bizarre traits including its gender free existence, non touching sex and its spooky immortality. Directed by Coral Short.

Flying Solo
At 92, Robina Asti, a WWII veteran and pilot, tells her story of living as a transgender woman since 1976 and her fight to be treated like any other widow. Directed by Leslie Von Pless.

Fri Nov 7, 2014 8pm – 10pm Pacific Time
Queer Things
Larry-bob Roberts - creator

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