Saturday, November 8, 2014

Reminder: 2014 San Francisco Transgender Film Festival @ Sat Nov 8, 2014 7:30pm - 9pm (Queer Things)

2014 San Francisco Transgender Film Festival

2014 San Francisco Transgender Film Festival
Festival Schedule & Program Information

VENUE: Roxie Theater
(3117 16th Street, San Francisco CA)

In this gritty, contemporary, romantic drama set in London, Adam meets Rocky, a handsome and mysterious drifter. As the pair gets closer, Rocky seems eager to reveal a secret that Adam is not ready to hear. Silence abounds until one explosive night changes everything about the way they feel about themselves and each other. Directors: Alicya Eyo, Sophy Holland.

We're shining a spotlight on a prolific member of San Francisco's creative arts scene.
Active as a performer since 1996, Heklina stages theater versions of film and sitcom re-enactments, while producing and hosting shows and events all over the world. From his early years in Iceland to his emergence as a premiere performer in the drag scene in San Francisco and beyond, we ask: What motivates Heklina to create? Directed by Brian Favorite.

What exactly is a sissy? Sissy explores masculinity, gender identity, misogyny and self-acceptance. Directed by Jen Crothers.

Against the Grain
Against the Grain transforms the canon of documenting gender transformation, breaks the script of the gender binary & the linear racial focus. Against the Grain follows the story of OluSeyi, a cultural organizer, artist, healer, & Queer Nigerian whose spirit is transcending gender. While documenting a gathered of gender non-conforming & transgender People of Color. People discuss what it means to be "us", engaging the complexities of our race/class/gender/ sexuality/ gender expression in this white supremacist/ patriarchal/ capitalist society. Directed by Seyi Adebanjo and Betty Yu.

Tonight It's Me
CJ and Ash are an unlikely pair who randomly meet up for a sexual encounter but end up spending the whole night together playing a revealing game where both get more than they bargained for. Directed by Dominic Haxton.

I Am the Transcender
This short film profiles human right's activist Bhumika Shrestha, Nepal's first transgender politician and member of the Nepali Congress. Directed by Nicola Desouza.

A couple get to know each other by exchanging body parts at will. Canada. Directed by Iris Moore.

"To Type Out Your Name" is part 9 of "Detours & Fences" an ongoing video series that traces trans identity, family legacies, and heartache through landscapes, collected objects, and punk rock. To grasp: to apprehend; to clench; to enclose; to fathom; to keep; to know; to perceive; to seize; to take hold of.
Directed by Malic Amalya.

Sat Nov 8, 2014 7:30pm – 9pm Pacific Time
Queer Things
Larry-bob Roberts - creator

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